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2 min readSep 1, 2022

To achieve the goals set in the workplace, one needs to be more productive in their work. This can be tricky, as some tasks require a lot of thought and focus, while others are just boring, which is why productivity can often suffer during these situations. To avoid this trap and increase one’s productivity, here are five simple ways that people can boost their productivity at the workplace:

Take regular breaks

For people to be productive during the day, they need to take breaks in between. It’s imperative for them to take regular breaks, as it helps prevent their brains from overloading and shortens the time required for recharging their mind. Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean leaving one’s desk, but instead using this break as an opportunity to get some fresh air or have a cup of coffee with colleagues.

Delegate tasks

Delegation is one of the top ways one can improve productivity in the workplace. In order to be more productive, one must be able to delegate tasks that are not a part of their skill set. Most tasks will require some level of thinking on one’s part, yet not all tasks that require thinking can be delegated. The key is to identify tasks that can be delegated and delegate them accordingly.

One should do one task at a time

One should not multi-task during the day. Multi-tasking is something that people normally do, as it helps them get a lot more done during the workday. However, this approach can be dangerous to one’s productivity, especially when doing tasks at work. When one tries to multi-task, they tend to make mistakes and end up taking longer time than required to finish those tasks. One should always stay focused on one task at a time to be more productive in the workplace.

Set small (achievable) objectives

Most people believe that setting larger goals are good for productivity, but this isn’t always the case. Larger objectives are good when they serve to motivate the people trying to achieve them, but when the objectives are too large, it can cause fear, stress, and anxiety, leading one to become less productive. On the other hand, when an objective is small and achievable, it can provide a much-needed confidence boost, which generates more motivation to accomplish that objective.

Handle the biggest tasks first

When one is still fresh after waking up in the morning, one should handle the tasks that require a lot of thinking and focus first. This helps them get those tasks finished in the morning when they are at their peak concentration level. When done with bigger tasks, one is then free to handle the smaller tasks.

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