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Hard work and persistence play a vital role in the success of an enterprise. And at times, individuals might get caught up in the strive to achieve success to the extent that they forget about their well-being and their responsibility to family and friends. What does it take for individuals to free themselves from these unhealthy habits and achieve a sustainable, rewarding work-life balance?

Let Go of Perfectionism

The first step towards achieving a work-life balance is going easy on oneself. According to most people, a work-life balance means achieving everyday work goals and still being able to get time for friends and family. And although this would be the ideal work-life balance, it might not be achievable each day. As such, it’s crucial that a person comes to terms with the fact that sometimes, they’ll be more productive at work, and at times they won’t. Remember, even time spent with friends or family or simply pursuing one’s hobbies counts as a productive day .

Pause and Denormalize

At times, the best thing a person can do for their health and work productivity is to unplug and take some time off for themselves. This time can be spent either alone at home or in nature. Moreover, a person can opt to spend time with friends or family, catch up and do non-work-related activities. This includes traveling to a new place, camping, or hiking . Even simple activities like watching a movie or spending time alone reading a novel can be a great way to reduce burnout and work-related stress. During this time, it’s essential for a person to avoid indulging in any work-related phone calls or emails unless it’s an emergency. Remember to have a clear definition of what constitutes an emergency and what is not.

Regular Exercise

Although it might seem like there’s not enough time for work, social life, and exercise, that’s far from the truth. The problem is that when most people think of exercising, the immediate thought is creating time for the gym. And although that’s one way to exercise, it’s not the only way. Even low-impact exercises such as walking or jogging can have numerous health benefits.

Don’t forget to get enough sleep and rest. This will affect not only a person’s productivity but also their overall health. Inadequate sleep can lead to difficulty concentrating, declined problem-solving ability as well as impaired judgment.

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