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2 min readJul 11, 2022

It might seem like having a workplace mentor is an unnecessary luxury for companies looking to retain their best employees. However, research has shown that companies that provide employees with opportunities to grow and expand their skills beyond their everyday responsibilities are more likely to keep their best employees. A workplace mentor is a specific type of employee assigned to a new employee at a company and supports them throughout their early years of work.

With so much of their professional lives being spent at the office, having a workplace mentor can help employees stay productive and engaged. Some of the benefits of having a mentor include:

A Safe Space to Talk About Problems

When you feel like your work life is in a rut, having a workplace mentor can be a great way to vent about the things that are bothering you.

Mentor Can Provide Guidance for New Job

A mentor can help new employees figure out how to work effectively and efficiently in their new job. This can be especially helpful if they work in a different industry than the one they previously worked in and have no previous experience in their new field.

Mentor Can Provide Advice on Career Paths

A mentor can advise on career paths that may interest an employee and help them decide which path best suits them as they advance within their company or industry. A mentor cannot advise on every possible career path, though, as this would be unethical behavior for the company’s business, and legal counsel would likely object to it. However, mentors at most companies can give insight into possible options for employees to make informed decisions.

Mentor Can Help with Job Search

Finding a new job can be a difficult task, especially if you are amidst an intense career move. Having a mentor to help guide you through can make your transition much smoother. Mentors at many companies will also be able to assist their employees during the interview process to ensure that they are well prepared for any questions that may come up during the interview and can provide them with advice on how they should answer those questions.

Mentor Can Provide References

If an employee is interested in moving on from their current position, having a reference from their mentor can help them get interviews at other companies and serve as a way for them to get hired again by their current company if they decide that they want to return.

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